The future is whatever you want it to be. InspirinGirls is an initiative that brings women into secondary schools to tell their stories as a way of encouraging girls to follow their aspirations, unburdened by gender stereotypes

Stories of women who love their jobs. Stories built on dedication, passion, struggles, and successes, told pupils first-hand: this is how InspirinGirls works. The initiative was founded by Miriam Gonzalez (an English lawyer) and is now active in 6 countries (Italy, Spain, Serbia, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico).

inspiringirls HEAD SITO VALORE D

Promoted and executed in Italy by Valore D in partnership with ENI and Intesa Sanpaolo, and supported by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education), InspirinGirls brings female professionals, scientists, athletes and managers into secondary school classrooms to encourage girls and boys to disregard self-imposed limits on their journey through life and to follow their ambitions, whatever they may be.

The project was launched in Italy in 2017. To date, the role models have met over 3,000 children across the country. Their message is a powerful one that lingers long after the initial encounter: in fact, the majority of the children involved share it with their parents, friends, and relatives  (84%) and the experience has helped two-thirds of participants to pinpoint their own professional aspirations (64%).

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