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In the Boardroom

The Development Program of Valore D and GE Capital for the new Boards of Directors.

In the Boardroom is an innovative training program dedicated to women who sit on Boards of Directors of Italian listed companies. The program focuses on all the steps necessary to promote and include in BoD talented women. It also directly involves the companies and encourages them to identify internal potential candidates.

Two excellent partners support this initiative: Egon Zehnder, leading consulting firm on boards of directors, governance and executive search and the international law firm Linklaters. Together they have developed an integrated program that aims to increase competences and strengthen capabilities necessary to properly perform the role of a board member.

The program is also characterized by the activity of Team Mentorship, facilitated by the coach Anna Zanardi Cappon, and from an in-depth study on Social Networks lead by Marco Massarotto, founder of Hagakure.

Launched in June 2012 – two months before the entry of the Golfo-Mosca law 120/2011 on gender quotas in listed companies- the project aims to train in three years 270 women coming from the fields of business, culture and politics.

The program lasts 12 months with monthly meetings focusing on different topics: specific training on the role of a board member – including its obligations, responsibilities, remuneration - and on the functioning of the Board of Directors; discussions and networking with board members and testimonials expert on the field; coaching and workshops on self empowerment; training for a conscious use of social networks for business strategy and personal branding.

It is possible to apply – for oneself or for a third party – sending the CV to the following address: candidature.intheboardroom@valored.it

In need to request further information, please call (+39) 342/7850102.



“What you have inherited from your fathers you must acquire in order to possess it.” (Goethe).


Concresco is the first mentoring program in Italy between managers and students, in collaboration with Valore D and Prospera - an association of managers, academics, entrepreneurs and professionals who are seeking to form a leading class with committed values of responsibility, transparency and intellectual honesty - with the aim of helping young people in achieving successfully the transition to the working world and ensure equal opportunities for young graduate students and newly graduates.

The first phase of the project, which started in June 2012, involved 60 graduate and undergraduate students of the Polytechnic of Milan, the Polytechnic of Turin and the University La Sapienza of Rome and 60 managers, of which over 50% are women who are engaged in an intergenerational agreement to convey their experience, gained in the course of their life to young people and through their support the managers will give young women the tools to face the working world.

This training will last one year and provides a minimum of twelve meetings, supplemented by telephone calls and via Web. The progress will be monitored and feedback will be given quarterly and with an overall evaluation will be given at the end of the program.

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